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Using songs

2017-03-05 14:44:44 by jdfr03

Going to go ahead and announce this. My music is free and usable. I'm fine if you use them for whatever. Heck, one of my main motives when first uploading songs to NG was to get them popular in Geometry Dash. Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know about this. Thanks ;)

I can scout you!

2016-09-17 22:05:04 by jdfr03

So ye! I got scouted :D

If you want me to look at your music, just PM me. Be aware that your song has to be extremely good. If I like it, I'll scout it and notify you.

Unbanned PogChamp

2016-08-25 17:12:11 by jdfr03

The title says it but yeah. I got unbanned off the audio portal! I have one of my best works done and ready... as soon as can get my computer squared away :v

Also school starts for after Labor Day, which is September 6, for me which means I won't be super active as I have been this summer.



ok bye :) 




2016-08-09 14:19:30 by jdfr03

I got unscouted from the Audio Portal. It was for a dumb reason. So yeah, I'm getting unbanned the 22nd of this month. Then, I can upload and you can scout me. Also, thank you Lockyn for giving me feedback on The Credits! 

IMPORTANT: I don't really do collabs. Making music is a side job for me. Srry ;A;